Our Story | Jim and Debbie Shoberg

It had been years since our family had lived in Wheaton, and now we were returning and looking to settle down here for awhile. One of the first things on our agenda was to find a church we could “settle into” as well, knowing that this would not only help us grow in loving Jesus, but also add stability to our family after a big move.

With our two college daughters living away from home, it was most important that our teenage daughter and fifth grade son feel at home in the church we chose. So when a friendly girl from Keisha’s school volleyball team invited her to Glen Ellyn Bible, we wanted to check it out!

Our first Sunday morning visit Keenan was welcomed into a 4th & 5th grade class which he enjoyed. (Was it the Bible story time, or the foosball games at the end?) The rest of us attended the service, where Pastor Kelly’s teaching was clear, biblical and applicable to life and the praise music upbeat and up-lifting. Afterwards, Keisha’s teammate and her family made a point to talk with us, making us feel welcome.

After visiting GEBC for a few Sundays, our family knew this was the church community we wanted to be a part of. Like Goldilocks in the Three Bears, we found the church that was “just right” for us.

Integration in a church family doesn’t happen automatically. To facilitate relationship-building, we have attended regularly and participated in an adult small group and in Sunday morning prayer times. Our kids, Keisha and Keenan, need no prompting to attend GEBC’s awesome youth groups where they not only have clean fun with peers, but they are led to live in surrender to Jesus.

Our whole family has a chance to learn, worship and serve here and we are thankful for this church that we have called home for the last two years.

Planning to worship with us?

Glen Ellyn Bible Church is a place for people just like you. We are here to help you in any way we can. We make this offer because the God we worship and serve cares about people. He cares about you.