Glen Ellyn Bible Church recognizes the importance of EVERY person experiencing mission, here in our community, across our country and even internationally. We believe that this reflects God’s heart for all peoples. For this reason, we schedule short term partnership trip opportunities for our church body to participate in. Recent trips have included Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, Turkey, and Cambodia. Whether an adult or a high school student, there is room for you in our international partnerships.

Maybe you don’t sense you are called to full-time missions, but God calls each of us to the mission field he created for us every day. Whether it is working with immigrants locally or serving on an international team, we welcome your participation.

As trip opportunities become available, we post them on this page.


July 12-22, 2019

Partnership Trip

We will travel from Chicago O’Hare to Seoul’s Incheon International airport and be based in the Northern Area of the Country. Our mornings and afternoons will be spent doing various ministry team projects including some work with refugees. Some of our time will be spent seeing ministries and Churches. You will enjoy the modernity of Seoul, and you will love the food, along with the generosity of the people!

Our home for the week will be a local “hostel” hotel so our work will consist of day trips from that location. Because some of what we are doing is using our American English, you will wish you spoke Korean but will not absolutely need it to get by.  After long hours of work and ministry, it will be nice to go back to a place where we will be able to get a good night’s sleep and debrief as a team! Our local hosts for the week will teach us so much that I promise you will miss them like family when you return home.

  • TEAM MEETINGS: Team Meetings: It is important that team members attend the Team Meetings. This allows us clarity on our projects, expectations, and preparation for the various challenges. There will be roughly 4-6 meetings total. INFO Meeting SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 at 11:30 at GEB Conference Room. However, if you miss this, we can still bring you up to speed in other ways.
    Applications can be filled out online and are available by request. Just send an email requesting information and an application to John Foster he will e-mail them to you. E-mail with any questions.

Yes. Check your passport NOW to make sure it is current. We will need two copies of your passport attached to your application. If you don’t already have a passport, begin this process as soon as possible. Any passport fees/expenses are your responsibility and will not be paid for by GEBC.

The first step is to come to the INFO MEETING. THEN, Fill out the “Short Term Application” by Sunday, March 10, along with a non-refundable deposit of $550 which can also be made online.

The trip costs $2,450 for each participant, and the costs are as follows:

Air Transportation $1500
Food and Lodging $640
Supplies $90
Misc. $130
Cultural Tour $90
Approximate Total $2,450
*You will also need to bring some extra money for meals along the way.


Non-refundable Deposit
Installment #1
DUE MAY 19 (fundraising and/or donation)

Final Balance

DUE  JUNE 23, 2019


I am so busy… Why yes, yes, you are and that is exactly why we want you to consider coming. 1. It will refresh and refuel you spiritually, 2. You will find yourself saying—I needed this far more than I realized. Why did I wait? 3. Once again, it is very rare to make a faith step like this and come back with any regrets. Rather just a longing to go back again. 4. It will reinvigorate you at home, at work, and down to your soul.
It’s so expensive…Money is one of the biggest areas of concern for anyone participating in a mission project. Whether one pays out of pocket or sends out letters for financial support, God always finds a way to provide. Our team will also have some helps in this area. You will be surprised at who is willing to help you get there one way or another. I have never seen a willing person not go due to money.
I have limited vacation… Yup. True there as well. So why not invest them in something that will build the kingdom, glorify God, and refuel you spiritually and otherwise? 
I might get sick…True again. However, as a rule, we go above and beyond being careful with food and other potential illnesses. As a rule, the Korean culture and food pose no great stress to our American ways.
I’ve never done anything like this before… What better way than to attend with a group of supportive people who you will build a strong bond with?