795 million people

go to bed every night without food in their stomachs.

Every 14 seconds

a child dies from hunger-related diseases.

This is a problem we can do something about.

Glen Ellyn Bible Church takes a strong stand to state the love of Jesus in word and in actions. God demonstrated his love toward us in that while we were unable to help ourselves, He sent Jesus to forgive sin. We consider it our privilege to engage together in ministries that allow us to share the outrageous love of Jesus with others. Feeding the hungry is one clear way to do this.

Demonstrating the presence of Jesus in our own lives, our own community, and to those around the globe is a huge priority for us. We have been privileged to send teams to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, La Paz, Mexico, Turkey, and around the globe toward such an end. Feed My Starving Children is a Faith based anti-hunger Christian Ministry located in Minnesota. Since 2012, we have been privileged to partner with them, assembling more than one million meals for hungry children around the world. Since 2014, we have hosted an annual MobilePack right here in our own building, coming together with others in our community to help fight hunger, illness, and poverty, both physically and spiritually.


  • 1,023 PEOPLE

    Many volunteers engaged in serving and packing meals for those who are hungry.

  • $61,000 raised

    More than $60,000 of our dollars were given toward this cause.

  • 286,824 MEALS

    In just 3 days, we packed enough meals to feed 767 kids for a year.

Meals packed like this wind up in over 70 countries where they are given to support locally-based feeding programs. 35% go to Haiti. I am happy to say that 99% of the meals packed by FMSC are delivered with accuracy, even as far away as North Korea! That is where the container we filled was shipped in 2015. The food from our 2017 pack went to Guatemala and Haiti.

Through several days of hard work and some financial sacrifice, God used our community to provide food for up to 785 kids every day for an entire year. We are looking forward to April 13-15, 2018 when we’ll host another event to fight hunger. Registration is scheduled to begin Monday March 5 for packing sessions. We hope you will be able to joint with us.

Sincerely, for the entire GEBC MobilePack Team,

John Foster
Care and Outreach Pastor