NEXT LEVEL: Episode 98 “Marriage, Grace, and Divorce”

Whether you’re single, married, any and everywhere in between, we all have questions on relationships and intimacy when it comes to seeking to live a life of discipleship in service of Christ.

Are marriages formed outside the church really joined by God? Is divorce an option if your spouse commits adultery? Do we take all that the Bible says on the subject of sexuality as applicable for today? How will I be judged by God since I am divorced and remarried but both of these acts occurred before I was a believer? If marriage is a provision for dealing with sexual immorality, how is a single person to deal with the desire to be married and live a pure life knowing full well that God does not promise us the gift of marriage, and may not fulfill this desire?

These questions and much more on today’s episode of “The Next Level Podcast”

Special guest Beth Maas joining us for this and the next few episodes in this series.

In response to Kelly’s sermon on February 17, 2019.