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Below you will find links that allow you to partcipate in Sunday morning worship remotely.  We've provided a link to our Sunday morning song playlist so you can sing along. We've also provided our Sunday sermon via a YouTube video.  You can also find going deeper questions as well as a link to give your offering online. 

8.9.2020 Sunday SERVICE:

8.9.2020 Going Deep Questions for Adults:
  1. Did the distinction between faith and its object make sense to you? If not, what questions do you have? If yes, offer another illustration, beside the one of sitting in a chair, that distinguishes between faith and its object. Why is it important to distinguish between faith and its object? (Ephesians 2:8-9)
  2. How would you currently describe the quality and quantity of your faith? What remedy is there for those who have weak faith or very little faith? (Matthew 7:7)
  3. What are the dangers in making our faith the active agent in our salvation? If faith is necessary, but not the active agent, then how are we to understand it’s role in our spiritual journey? (Hebrews 11:1)
  4. What evidence is there that this passage is actually about Jesus the healer, rather than the faith of those being healed? How do we see the gospel in action in this morning’s passage? (Luke 8:40-56)
Sunday 8.9.2020 resources for kids:

Questions for Kids:

  1. Why did the woman reach for Jesus' cloak?  What did she believe about Jesus?
  2. Why did Jairus come to see Jesus?  What did he believe about Jesus?
  3. What does this story teach us about Jesus?
  4. How would you describe your own faith?

Printable Resources for Kids:

Coloring Page

Activity Page

Sermon Note Template


Giving to the local church is an act of worship, as it is a unique expression of gratitude to God. When we give, we celebrate all that God has given us, especially His incredible gift of forgiveness made available to all through faith in His son Jesus. God owns everything. When we give, we are simply giving back of portion of what He has entrusted to us. Giving to the local church is also an act of faith, as it helps in accomplishing the mission of Helping Others Follow Jesus, both locally and globally.