While it is true that all of life is worship (Rom 12:1-2), there is something unique about the church regularly gathering together as a body (Heb 10:25). We gather together to be built up through songs, prayers and hearing the Word preached (1 Cor 14:26, Col 3:16).

Our worship ministry exists to lead our church in the efforts of worshipping together and to provide growth for our worship leaders. Our primary medium is music, as that constitutes almost half of our service time together. We also encourage all forms of art to be expressed both in and out of our services as we grow together in our understanding of who God is and we are. And we are always looking for new musicians and artists to join our ministry. If you’re an artist/musician, we look forward to meeting you and exploring together how God might use your for His glory and our joy!

I’m Interested in Joining the team!

On The Platform

Worship Leaders

We passionately lead the congregation in worship of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. A worship leader is expected to sing lead on some songs, lead in prayer and engage with our congregation in ways that magnify God.


We provide the musical canvas that helps our church sing out with emotion and conviction. Instrumentalists are expected to show up to rehearsals with their parts ready to be fine tuned in context to the band. It’s also important to remember that even though you may not have a vocal microphone, the way you play your instrument both in the preparation and in the live application, is worshipful.


We rehearse on Wednesday evenings. Vocal rehearsal is from 6:15pm – 7pm. Full band & vocal reprisal is from 7pm – 9pm. * On weeks where the Caregiving Center is operating (usually the 3rd week of the month), we move rehearsal to Thursday evening.  

Behind the Scenes

Visual Arts Team

Using Pro Presenter, we manage the content on the main screen to direct song lyrics as well as the teaching pastor’s sermon notes and slides.  We also run the cues for the lighting system.  This is a vital behind the scenes role and quite frankly, those who serve in this ministry experience a very hands on and gratifying serving experience.  

Artists (Painters, Photographers, Makers of Cool Stuff).  

We participate in art galleries throughout the year and sometimes create art for a sermon series or for a particular service.  We are always looking for more intersections between art and our church so please let us know if you’re an artist with a desire to create!

Communion Servers

Serve on a rotation according to scheduling, availability and service needs. Total time needed for service is 5 minutes in one service and we are always in need of more Communion Servers! We have communion on the first Sunday of each month so it is low commitment, but so very gratifying.