Men’s Ministry reaches, teaches, and releases men to grow to their full potential in Christ. Through relationships, outings, engaging teaching events, and service, men are able to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and with others.


Don’t get it backwards. Don’t settle for “getting by”, or blindly following others, and most of all, please don’t run the race of life alone. God wants you to be ALIVE, to be in community, and to be transformed into the living image of his son Jesus Christ. Our Men’s Ministry is designed to help you succeed in your calling to be a Man of God. There are several ways you can engage. They are listed below:

Men's FRATERNITY 2019-2020

FRIDAYS from 6:00 – 7:00 A.M. With 20+ years of history at GEBC, this small group Bible study is the backbone of GEBC’s Men’s Ministry. The format of these weekly meetings includes 30 minutes of live teaching, followed by an equal amount of time spent in discussion and interaction through small groups. Each small group consists of 4-8 men who prayerfully support and encourage one another in applying what they have learned and staying on track in their faith. This year we will look at Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ most famous sermon in a series entitled “Alive” (because getting by just won’t cut it). See schedule below. We meet at the church from September 14 through May 8 in the welcome center of the church. There is no cost to participate.

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Come celebrate all things flannel and dude like; such as a great assortment of beards, some pretty decent food and coffee, alongside of a group of men that are only slightly more awake than you are. Seriously, what you need this fall is to gather with us from 7:00 – 8:15 a.m. in the new space of Glen Ellyn Bible Church. You’ll have some laughs, meet some great guys, and find opportunities to connect and become involved. The question is not can I afford to get away on a Saturday for this event, but rather, can I afford not to?!! For More information Click Here Register →


Where do faith and work meet? What influence does faith have on career? Take a weekend to consider the interplay of those two parts of your life. While we’re away in Galena, IL we’ll also have time to rest and enjoy ourselves. Register →


You are invited to join us in La Paz, on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico for a week of laughter, hard work, ministry to the most impoverished, and spiritual refreshment. There could not be a better way to serve, enjoy the company of other Christian men, and to get some tremendous mid winter sunshine than to joint this trip. is a trip that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Come join a group of men in the La Paz area of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico for a week of laughter, hard work, and ministry to the most impoverished. FEBRUARY 22-29 … You’ll wonder why you never did this before! For More information Click here Register →