Children’s Ministry at Glen Ellyn Bible Church offers Christ-centered programming designed to come alongside parents in accomplishing the mutual vision of growing followers of Jesus. Our childcare team, early childhood teachers and elementary leaders are passionate about guiding children through Bible studies, worship, prayer and interactive activities. We also provide enriching specialized classes in Communion, Baptism, Created By God and Discipleship. Our staff and volunteers are always creating kid and family events throughout the year to foster community and further Biblical truths. Come join us!

Learn About Our Weekend Programming

Weekend Programming

Infants and Toddlers
Service Hours: Sunday 9:00/10:30 a.m. (ages 0 - 2 years by September 1, 2017) A caring and loving environment is fostered in all our nursery areas. Here you will find rooms full of the youngest among us, experiencing the love of God through the interaction of dedicated volunteers as they meet the physical and emotional needs of the children. Every activity, whether diaper changing, feeding, rocking or playing, is all done with the goal of keeping your children safe and loved.
Preschool & Kindergarten
Service Hours: Sunday 9:00/10:30 a.m. (3-year-olds - Kindergarten by September 1, 2017) We invite your child to join us and begin their journey of knowing Jesus and becoming more like Him. Our preschool area is filled with excitement and wonder for the children. Dedicated storytellers and small group leaders strive to make the people, stories and principles of the Bible captivate the attention of children. This is done through the use of music, drama and storytelling. Instruction is given in a combination of large and small group settings. Our children also spend time connecting with others while playing in activity stations, making crafts, small group discussions and prayer.
Service Hours: Sunday 9:00/10:30 a.m. We know these years provide an opportunity to help children gain a solid foundation for their direction in life. We believe that God has created each of them uniquely with specific abilities and personalities. We also believe our elementary students can have an active and living faith. Our focus is on helping them commit all of their lives (spirit, soul and body) to the Lord. An emphasis is placed on children building relationships with teenagers and adults that will facilitate spiritual growth. Worship, group games, storytelling videos, small group discussions and dynamic Bible storytelling are some of the elements included.