• Grow Our Compassion Ministries

    Increase our funding for, and involvement in, compassion and outreach ministries.

  • Improve & Expand Our Facility

    Invest in improving our facility while we expand our building to meet current and future needs.

$3,360,000 BY 2020

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Why Engage 2020:

About Engage 2020:

After a season of prayer, fasting and Scripture study in 2014, the Elders felt God leading us to give increased focus to Caregiving, Fellowship, and Outreach. Acts 2:44-47 serves as the backbone to what has become known as the ENGAGE Vision.

Over the last eighteen months we have experienced God’s blessing in each these three areas of ministry and are deeply thankful for his work in and through us. Here are just a few of the highlights:

ENGAGE with the needy in CAREGIVING
• 161 volunteers served 440 families over 43,000 lbs. of food in the Caregiving Center
• 700,000 meals packed by 2,500 volunteers with Feed My Starving Children
ENGAGE with one another in FELLOWSHIP
• 13% increase in Sunday worship attendance
• 9% increase in weekly disciple-making programming
• 975 attended our ministry year kickoff Block Party in 2015-2016
• 42 first time givers in 2016
ENGAGE with the spiritual seekers in RELATIONSHIP
• Increased inviting to worship services and caregiving efforts
• 400 families received a copy of the book titled “Tell Someone”
• Strengthening partnership with evangelistic ministries such as Young Life in Glen Ellyn & Wheaton as well as Radical Time Out

God is blessing our efforts and we want to help even more people follow Jesus! To do this we are launching the ENGAGE 2020 Vision, which is aimed at helping us engage with increasing numbers of people by updating and expanding our facilities. Over the next three years, we believe the Lord would have us build a new welcoming and gathering space on the western lawn of our property. This new space will provide room for:

  • Welcoming children and leading them in worship
  • Supporting increased caregiving, fellowship and outreach
  • An additional and enlarged stairway for our families to access Children’s Ministry
  • Two new bathrooms on the main level and two new bathrooms on the lower level

We are excited about how the Lord is leading and would ask that each worshiper at GEBC support this effort prayerfully, financially and sacrificially.

The ENGAGE 2020 Vision is a three year plan to grow our compassion and outreach ministries and improve & expand our facility. This 3 year vision includes a $3,360,000 financial campaign with $360,000 being raised to invest in our compassion and outreach ministries and $3,000,000 being raised to improve and expand our facility.

We are asking that each worshiper at GEBC support this effort in prayer, with their finances. Financial pledges can be made online or through the church office. This pledges are financial commitments above and beyond regular giving to the church budget.

Making the Engage Vision a reality by 2020 is going to take a lot of work and will require a lot of people to get involved. We are asking you to prayerfully consider what contribution you can make this is important effort.

We are excited to report that 100% of the GEBC staff is behind this vision and will be supporting it financially.

Also, 100% of the elders of GEBC will be financially supporting this effort and combined have personally pledged $335,300 to this effort.

ENGAGE 2020 specifics:

Grow our compassion ministries

  • Expand the Caregiving Center

    We will not only increase the number of families we serve but will also expand what we are offering our guests.

  • Strengthen our evangelistic partnerships

    We will increase our support and involvement with the ministries of YoungLife and RTO.

  • Increase funding for compassion ministry partners

    We will give more financial support to Feed My Starving Children, International Justice Mission (IJM), and CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

  • Grow our mid-week discipleship programs

    We will expand our mid-week programming to serve more families and grow more disciples.

  • Invest in equipping our congregation for evangelism

    We will increase our investment in resources and training to strengthen our evangelism initiatives.

Improve & Expand our facility

  • Build a welcoming space

    Designed to help families, newcomers, and guests be easily welcomed and then lead into our services and gatherings.

  • Build a gathering space

    This will increase our support for caregiving, fellowship and outreach.

  • Add an enlarged stairway

    This feature will provide safe and easy access to the Children’s Ministry area on the lower level.

  • Install additional bathrooms on the main & lower levels

    Adding two new bathrooms to each level better cares for our congregation and guests.

  • Update the entire main & lower levels

    From new flooring to lighting, and everything in between, the entire main and lower levels will be updated.

pledge or give today!

Make your 3 year pledge or give a one time gift to the Engage 2020 Fund

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