Dear Glen Ellyn Bible Church Family, 

In this email you will find updated information about: 

  • Sunday morning worship
  • Church programming going online
  • Prayer meetings and requests
  • Caring for those in need during this challenging time


We will not be holding services at 501 Hillside until further notice. We will continue to post worship songs, a sermon video and other resources online at gebible.org/online each weekend. Communion will still be a part of our service on April 5th, and we will communicate more details next week about that portion of our service. 


The majority of church programming is moving to an online format starting this week or next. 

Adult small groups are moving online and using Zoom to connect with each other. If you are not in a small group and would like to be, now is a good time to join a group. We ALL need each other and a community to lean on, especially right now. Email Grant Armstrong at garmstrong@gebible.org to get plugged in. 

Mens and Womens Bible study is planning for online gatherings and teaching in the weeks ahead. There will be great opportunities to grow in your faith and in community with others. Men, contact John Foster (jfoster@gebible.org) and women contact Erin Christner (echristner@gebible.org), to get plugged in. 

Student Ministry has a great plan in place for both large and small group online gatherings. Mark and Nate will be leading our students well over the weeks ahead. If you have a middle school or high school student who needs a community and support, now is a great time to get them plugged in. Email Mark Wilkerson at mwilkerson@gebible.org to get them connected. 

Children’s Ministry  continues to reach out to all our families to offer prayer and support. They are producing both Sunday morning and midweek content to help parents and kids continue to grow in their faith while at home. If you’d like to get plugged into our Children’s Ministry, reach-out to Amy Coyle (acoyle@gebible.org). 


We will have two times of organized prayer on Zoom each week. 7-8pm on Wednesday evenings and 8-9am on Sunday mornings. Email Pastor Kelly Brady at kbrady@gebible.org to get connected to those prayer meetings. If you have a specific prayer need or request please email Pastor John Foster at jfoster@gebible.org


This past week we cared for 88 under resourced families through our caregiving center. Lord willing, on April 15, we will host our next Caregiving Center serve and will help more families in need. If you or someone you know has physical needs at this time please reach out to John Foster (jfoster@gebible.org). We have staff and resources ready to help. 

Many of asked if there is anything they can do to offer help immediately. One way is to donate blood, we are facing a severe blood shortage and donors are needed immediately, click here to learn more.  Secondly, one of our local ministry partners, the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry is in desperate need of donations, click here to learn more. 

Thanks for your support and encouragement over these past few weeks.  We are praying for you! 


John Vandervelde – Executive Pastor


Dear Glen Ellyn Bible Church Family,

As you know the situation with the coronavirus is ever unfolding. In a previous email we shared with you that we have canceled our services for Sunday, March 22 but still planned to open the church from 9-11am for individual prayer. Based on the latest recommendations to keep gatherings of people to 10 or less we have decided to cancel this prayer time as well.  The church will be fully closed on March 22nd. 

We will have worship songs and a sermon for you online at gebible.org/online

Please stay tuned to our social media channels and your email as we’ll continue to post and send regular videos messages aimed at encouraging you and our community. 

If you have a need for caregiving or prayer, please reach out to gebc@gebible.org.

John Vandervelde
Executive Pastor 


Dear Glen Ellyn Bible Church Family, 

In this email you will find information about: 

  • Plans for Sunday, March 22 (normal worship services are canceled). 
  • Church office hours and other operations. 
  • Church programming through April 1. 

This coming Sunday, March 22nd, we will not have our typical Sunday morning worship services at 501 Hillside Ave. We will provide an online worship experience, with songs and a sermon, on our website at gebible.org/online.  In addition, the church will be open from 9:00-11:00am on Sunday morning for individual prayer in the Worship Center. The basement and upper level will be closed and there will be no Student or Children’s Ministry programming. There will be no guided singing or preaching in the Worship Center, just a time for prayer. We invite anyone who is healthy to come and ask that you please follow the following procedures: 

  • Enter only through the glass doors on the Welcome Center entrance, which is on the west side of our property, just off our parking lot.  
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer when you enter. 
  • Practice social distancing while in the facility including the Worship Center
  • Do not attend if you are sick, even slightly sick. 

The church building will be closed during the week. Please only come to the church if you have a previously scheduled appointment. If you have a caregiving need, a prayer request, or need to pass along information to the church please email gebc@gebible.org or call 630-469-2964 and leave a message. We will be checking this email and voicemail very regularly and will respond as quickly as possible. If you need to contact a pastor or staff member directly you can find a contact list HERE

We are canceling all non-Sunday morning programming at the church until April 4. Our Caregiving Center will have a modified service night on Wednesday March 18, so that we are able to continue to care for the under resourced in our community. Small groups will continue to meet offsite and have received specific guidance from Pastor Grant on how to safely continue during this challenging time. If you have specific questions about programming you are involved in please reach-out.  

With schools closed and many businesses changing their operations for the next few weeks we will be providing resources for you and your families, including family devotional videos and some additional podcasts. Stay tuned! 

Thank you for your flexibility and support during this unprecedented time. Hundreds of you tuned in to our website and YouTube channels this Sunday to worship at home. Thank you for those of you who sent us pictures and encouraging notes about your living room worship experience. It lifted our spirits after a very challenging week. 

We continue to pray for our world, our community and each of you! 

John Vandervelde – Executive Pastor 

March 13, 2020

Dear Glen Ellyn Bible Church Family, 

Let me begin with a good news reminder. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi that they should “rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:7). Always! I find this directive particularly challenging in that Paul wrote it while sitting in jail, being held against his will for the testimony of Christ. Isn’t it good news, especially during this time of unprecedented crisis, to be reminded that because of all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ there is always reason to rejoice in the Lord!

At the same time, we are also directed in Scripture to live wisely, which includes submitting to the governing authorities God has placed over us. On Thursday evening, March 12 @ 5:00pm Governor Pritzsker held a press conference in which he prohibited any and all gatherings of 1000+ until May 1st, and he requested that all organizations that are able to do so limit gatherings to no more than 250 in attendance.

Given that we average nearly 800 in weekly Sunday morning worship attendance, and are unable to organize smaller gatherings of less than 250 in attendance for worship services in less than 48 hrs, we have decided to cancel worship services for Sunday, March 15. 

While saddened that we will not be able to gather together this Sunday, this will allow us to care for our volunteers, as well as be a good neighbor to our community, and it is our goal to offer several smaller worship service gatherings beginning Sunday, March 22. More information on service times and details will be forth-coming. 

In the meantime, this Sunday morning March 15, we will be posting my sermon on our website at 10:30am, you can find it here. Please watch online with your family. We will record the Next Level podcast on Monday and would love to have your questions about the sermon specifically or faith in general, so please send them in to 630-474-6164.

We also invite you to give your offering online. You can do so by clicking here. We also encourage our small groups to continue to gather to study Scripture and pray together. 

You may have questions about specific church programs or events, whether they are cancelled or not.  Over the next 24-48 hours our staff will be communicating to you about programs and events you and your family are involved in. 

Rejoicing in the Lord, 

Kelly Brady, Senior Pastor P.S. As is our habit, the Elders and Staff are continuing to pray for the requests submitted by the congregation. If you have needs for which you would like us to pray, please send those to gebc@gebible.org.

March 12, 2020 

Dear Glen Ellyn Bible Church Family, 

We’ve been closely tracking the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is affecting our local community. As you know this is an ever changing situation and we are doing our best to plan accordingly, wanting to be in step with local authorities and working to keep our community safe.  

Recently, churches have been advised to put into place procedures that promote health and limit the spread of disease at their facilities. Following this advice, GEBC has put into action a plan beginning this Sunday, March 15, 2020. This plan will change and adjust based on the updates we receive, but here are the precautions we are taking to care for everyone and mitigate the spread of germs: OFFERING
We recommend that you give your offering online, and you can do so by clicking here. Now is a great time to establish regular online giving at GEBC, if you have not done so already. We will not pass offering baskets during our services. Instead, we will receive offerings through ushers stationed with offering baskets at the exits. You may place your offering in a basket as you make your way out of the worship center after service has ended. 

To minimize your need to touch door handles, our volunteer teams, as they typically do, will hold exterior doors open as they greet you.

When you are greeting one another, we recommend greeting each other with smiles and waves instead of handshakes. Elbow bumps work great as well. We have removed our traditional time of greeting each other during our Sunday services until further notice. 

To eliminate multiple people touching the check-in screens, we will have designated volunteers (wearing red T-shirts) manning each station to check children in. Simply verbalize your information to a volunteer standing by the kiosk, and they will handle it from there. 

Donuts or coffee in Rathbun Hall will not be self-serve on Sunday. We will have volunteers serving both donuts and coffee.  Please instruct your children to be patient as they wait to be served. For coffee will only have single serve sugar, sweetener, and creamers.  

If you find yourself or your children feeling sick, we encourage you to stay home. You can find the worship songs for Sunday on our YouTube channel, and the sermon audio is posted on our website and our  iTunes/GooglePlay channel by 1:30pm on Sunday afternoons. 

With communion and baptism not taking place for several weeks, we are holding off on making any changes to those events at this time. 

We will provide necessary updates via email and will post them on our website here as well. I ask that you be in prayer for our world and our local community, specifically for those who are directly impacted by this virus. For many, the spread of this virus has caused great fear and anxiety. Glen Ellyn Bible Church is not a community of fear, for we know that God has given us a spirit of love and power and not fear (2 Timothy 1:7). This does not mean we are careless. We want to be good citizens and neighbors and care for everyone that may be a part of our community. My prayer is that we would sense peace in the midst of these challenging circumstances. Let’s work together to serve our church and community in a way that demonstrates trust in God, who we know is ultimately in control of all things. 

Thank you for your care and support! 

– John 

John Vandervelde
Executive Pastor