“In a broken world, the artist comes along our side and invites us to slow down. They can help us to see, despite the chaos and destruction, and in turn reveal beauty. Art is able to display before us not only an honest glimpse of our world; it can even challenge and upend our marred vision reminding us of the promise of hope, of a world restored.”


“The Church” – Who is the church?  What is it?  How is it perceived in society?  What is its responsibility in the world?  In Ephesians 5, Paul says that Jesus and the church should be and act as one.  He describes it like a marriage where the church is the bride of Jesus Christ.  Paul also refers to the church as a “body”, the body of Christ.  For this series, we would like you to artistically explore the role of the church and its unity with its cornerstone, Jesus.



  • Mon / Aug 26 /  5:00pm:  Digital Submission deadline for all art

– For initial curating, submit a digital copy or photograph of your art to Matt Marron at GEBC, mmarron@gebible.org

-All submissions must include a written explanation of your piece as it relates to the theme. Please include dimensions and artistic medium for the artwork.

-For music or video submissions, please contact Matt Marron for submission details

  • Fri / Aug 30 / 5pm:  Artists notified if their piece is selected for the gallery
  • Wed / Sept 4 / 5pm:  Selected art delivered to the church ready to hang
  • Sun / Sept 8 / 8am:  Gallery Opens

Curators:  Annika Van Dyke & Matt Marron

Pieces will be considered based on how well they explore the topic and also how they all work together to create a cohesive gallery.