Authority of the Bible

Both the Old and New Testaments tell the truth because they are the Word of God, which is our final authority.

Majesty of the Trinity

God exists in three Persons-Father, Son and Holy Spirit-each having the same attributes and the same essence but different roles.

Sufficiency of the Cross of Christ

Because Jesus is both fully God and fully human, His death for our sins completely paid the price demanded by God’s holy law.

Necessity of the New Birth by Faith

We move from alienation from God because of our sin to peace with God, not through our good works, but only through faith in the sacrificial death of Christ.

Responsibility of Following Christ in Community

In that we are secure in Christ, we are able and eager to love and grow to be like Him with, and for the sake of, others.

Certainty of the Resurrection and Judgment of Humanity

Everyone will experience a resurrection, either to eternal glory with God or to eternal wrath away from God.

Reality of Christ’s Return and Rule in the Kingdom of God

Christ will return to establish the full rule and reign of God forever in a new heaven and earth.