Feed My Starving Children MobilePack

We’re partnering with Feed My Starving Children to provide meals for hungry children around the world. Join us April 21-23 to help us pack 272,160 meals! Register online.

We also need donations to fund this event. Donate online, or through the GEBC Easter Outreach Offering. Purple envelopes will be provided in the pews for this offering. 100% of the Easter Offering will go toward this event.  Our Savior clearly lived out the priorities of his Father, sharing the gospel verbally and through his actions. On April 21-23, we will host our third annual Feed My Starving Children MobilePack, right here in our gym.

It is a significant opportunity to share God’s love with our neighbors, coworkers, and friends who will join us in this venture. Together we can do something tangible about the 6,200 children that die from malnutrition every single day. In 2014, more than 600,000 children received one meal a day who wouldn’t have otherwise, due to these efforts. In 2015, we nearly tripled our reach.

Meals packed like this wind up in over 70 countries where they are given to support locally-based feeding programs. 35% go to Haiti. I am happy to say that 99% of the meals packed by FMSC are delivered with accuracy, even as far away as North Korea! That is where the container we filled was shipped last year.

Imagine the motion and commotion in our gymnasium Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as we pack meal after meal. Of special note is that we are packing on Sunday as an opportunity to invite our guests to see what our church is like and to allow those in our church to experience the MobilePack if they could not otherwise do so. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s a blessing to so many.

Online registration has begun. Spots are limited, so if you are forgetful like me, mark your calendar now and sign up as soon as possible. Small groups, families, organizations, other churches, and corporations are all coming to help serve. I urge you to consider forming a team, setting a goal for your team, and inviting friends to spread the word.

The total meal and shipping cost is approximately $60,000. Once again, this year we will give 100% of our special Easter offering to offset these costs. Envelopes are available NOW in the pews, and you can use them during weekend services, or simply mark your check Easter Offering. You can also give online, directly through FMSC.

During a typical packing session, most people pack a box of food (216 meals) which is valued at $50. To reach our meal goal, we will pack 1,260 boxes. Please consider how you will join us in helping to support our 272,160 meal GEBC MobilePack. We are hoping each person will at least pay for the box they are packing, but perhaps you are being called to give more. A $250 donation would pay for 5 boxes. A donation of $1,800 would pay for a pallet of 36 boxes. The number of meals we are packing will fill 35 pallets. $80 feeds five children for a year, $250 would provide more than 1,000 meals, and $1,500 would feed over 25 school children for a year! This endeavor will honor God, meet real need, and profoundly impact you as well.

Are we ready to love those who come and are different than us in the name of Jesus, using this common cause to display who God is to so many? I am. So be in prayer, sign up, and give freely.

It is a privilege to be part of a church engaging real people to meet real needs.

Sincerely, for the entire Mobile Pack Team,

John Foster, Sending Pastor