Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World

The world is a challenging place. Difficulties can come at us from many directions. The “Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World” workshop offers a path for thriving in a tough world.

In this interactive workshop based on Dr. Tim’s book, “Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World,” participants will:

  • Learn what makes a person a “soft soul”
  • Explore how soft souls protect themselves from a harsh world
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in dealing with hurts
  • Identify specific choices we have in life to navigate our challenges
  • Practice specific tactics to recharge and thrive in difficult times
  • Examine the role of spiritual life in dealing with life’s hardships
  • Leave energized and equipped for the future

Whether you are a soft soul or care about someone who is, this workshop will equip you with strategies to maximize happiness.

This workshop/event will be held at Glen Ellyn Bible Church on Sunday, April 29 from 3-5pm.

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Workshop leader: Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., RCC, CBC 
Dr. Tim Ursiny is a speaker and executive coach specializing in helping individuals reach peak performance and life satisfaction. His areas of expertise include coaching, communication, conflict and dealing with change. He has written 12 books including The Coward’s Guide to Conflict which is in its fourth printing and has been translated into multiple foreign languages. He speaks frequently for some of the top organizations in America. Tim has been interviewed and appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, Readers Digest, First for Women and other periodicals. He has also appeared on CNN radio news, VH-1 News, Total Living and ABC Channel 7 News. You can find out more about Tim at